American composer Terry Riley wrote his iconic work In C in 1964. This composition is considered one of the benchmarks of minimalism. It consists of 53 parts, sometimes of only a few notes. Performers are given much freedom by Riley in In C. There is no set duration and it has been endlessly varied over the years.

In this brand-new production, Peter Vermeersch (Flat Earth Society) and Thomas Noël (The City’s Song) venture to perform a Ghent version. Fourteen musicians with as many instruments as different cultural influences reflect the wealth of music in the city.
To complete the picture, illustrator Gerda Dendooven provides colorful projections and the famous actor, author and director Josse De Pauw also adds text for the first time. Expect a magical concert, a kind of tantric experience that enraptures you and lets you escape for a moment.

Peter Vermeersch (bass clarinet, elektronics), Thomas Noël (harmonium, xylophone), Jeroen Baert (violin), Mevlüt Akgüngör (ney/reedflute), Gergana Velikova (vocals), Anaïs Moffarts (vocals double bass), Sadig El Gibril (ud), Osama Abdulrasol (qanoun), Tsubasa Hori (taisho goto, Sanba), Ehsan Yadollahi (tar), Farnoosh Khodaded (daf), Moussa Dembele (kora, balafon, djembe), Tister Ikomo (balafon, djembe), Josse De Pauw (text), Gerda Dendooven (illustrations)

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