Since 1982, the Musical Workshop Labyrinth has been organizing music workshops worldwide, primarily focusing on the modal musical traditions of the world and any potential creative interaction between these traditions, as well as concerts featuring renowned musicians.

Labyrinth was founded by the “British/Greek” musician Ross Daly. In 1997, the first seminars/workshops took place in Athens and gradually expanded with “hubs” in Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Canada… Starting from 2024, Ghent (through Music Workshops De Centrale) becomes the first “Labyrinth hub” in Northern Europe… with an first series of workshops and concerts from April 1st to 4th, 2024.

Labyrinth is not only considered a musical workshop but much more as a ‘way of life‘ infused with music. Its primary goal is to connect people, especially young individuals, with a creative approach to traditional music styles from around the world. It serves as a meeting point for both musicians and students and enjoys widespread recognition as a leading force in modal and traditional music education.

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